Friday, March 26, 2004


Her nose is perfect, her fingers long and slender.
Her delicate ear is pierced, twice.
Her eyebrows sophisticatedly curve, without being plucked into shape.

Her elegance is accentuated only by simplicity.
Her beauty pours out of her intense, and intensely blue, eyes.
The eyes that pierce through me with each glance.

She is delicate, agile, athletic, and feminine; passionate, humorous, mischievous, and kind .
She attracts from the solar plexus, a quiet, relentless undertow of an ocean,
With her smile that I feel in my chest.

Her voice that resonates long afterwards,
her touch is inadvertent and inadvertently yearned.
Her presence in my realm is complete, and beyond my control.

She is perfect
And perfectly forbidden.
That she is married, may be the reason for both.

Thou shalt not covet a stranger's wife.